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Alright Everyone !!

Welcome to my blog and review site.

My name is John, I was born and raised in Manchester for 28 years and then I moved to Derbyshire. I currently have a fiancee and two children these are everything I live for the reason I get out of bed. I have worked in warehousing most of my life and although it is not a luxurious career its honest pay for honest graft. I have always had some form of facial but didn't take my beard seriously until lockdown of 2020 when my beard got to full length and beyond and started becoming itchy. My Mrs would complain it spiked her and wasn't comfortable to kiss, I can't blame her have you ever felt one of your hairs poke back into you makes me jump out of my skin.

I searched for beard products on google and BOOM! The Beard Struggle popped up I bought some of their products and received an email about an ambassadors programme. Which told me I could represent the brand becoming part of their community having a unique code to give to people for a small commission. I quickly learnt about the Aetts of the beard struggle which were basically clans and I became apart of the north west aett. The lads in the NW aett became family to me a true brotherhood where we met each others families helped with each others problems in life. It was the best thing that ever happened to me since being in the bearded community.


I quickly learnt that TBS weren't what it seemed and that their products weren't the best which lead me down a new path discovering the small batch beard companies and their community. Lots of people had started their own beard companies, reviewers were testing their products and posting their opinions about them. I made new brothers quickly and learnt more about beard products than ever before, this lead me to where I am now. It's just nearly a year since it all started and there is many more years to come so stay with me and we will take the rest of the journey to Mordor together.

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