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A Wizards Cauldron


It is time to put another product into the flames of FireBeard this week and we are putting Beard Wizardry into the heat. The Wizard has gone through some personal things in the past and overcome failures and through the ashes of his past he brings us Beard Wizardry. Crafting his potions and elixirs into the oils we put in our beards in his cave of magic we dissect The Wizards Own beard oil scent. I wore this scent for 8 days straight, using it sometimes twice a day at morning and before bed. Beard Wizardry may be considered to have a low following compared to other beard companies out there but the wizard prefers the solidarity left to his own devices letting his products do the talking instead of huge advertising and social media posting.

Beard Wizardry sell oils, shampoos and beard butters with a total of 3 scents in all products. They do have plans to also expand their scent range. With an ambassador programme with limited spaces it could be well worth joining the ministry of magic. Before we dive in the company is fully CPSR approved with the documentation openly posted on their Instagram page

Lets begin and cast it into the fire.

The Outside of The Vile

The shape of the bottle is cylindrical surrounded by what looks like a thin metal with plastic on the inside, with a large black sticker that stretches around the bottom of the bottle with a large cylindrical lid of the same material and colour. When the lid is popped off it reveals a pump applicator that is black in colour. On the label the writing is the same colour of the bottle which is silver it definitely stands out against the rest of the beard products. This stand out product attracts attention straight away as the silver reflects the light in any room. It also appears taller than a 30ml bottle because of its tall lid which is deceiving but it is a clever design done by the wise wizard.

The Scripture

The label contains a direction of use section which is informative on how to apply the oil, it also warns of external use only and to stop using if it causes irritation. The size of the bottle is stated and there is also a barcode which is used for retail purposes and is registered to the sandalwood and vanilla. There is a company postcode and an expiration date for the oil too. The ingredients are listed in the English and Latin pronunciations, there are no allergen warnings either.

The Liquid

The oil is of a medium to thick viscosity and translucent, I was using typically 4-6 pumps to get a good spread of the oil into my skin and beard with a good brush through as well. It absorbed fairly quickly into my skin and beard and I felt no residue when stroked the mane. I put this oil through it's paces going for a day out to the zoo, long visits to friends and family and doing some DIY. The carrier blend consists of the following oils :

Almond oil : rich in vitamin E, potassium, zinc, proteins and monounsaturated fatty acids, these properties are increasingly beneficial for beard growth and helps to eliminate beardruff and reduce inflammation.

Argan oil : contains omega 6&9 fatty acids, this oil helps reduce inflammation, moisturises beard and skin, helps you look good with high vitamin E content and prevents beardruff.

Tocopherol : VItamin E

Limonene : extracted from citrus fruit peels and is colourless in appearance

Linalool : helps improve the scent and taste of cosmetic and skincare formulations

Eugenol : aromatic pale yellow oily liquid extracted from certain essential oils such as clove oil, nutmeg and bay leaf.

The scent contains :

Sandalwood oil : can reduce anxiety ( douse me with it ) fights inflammatory disorder, promotes sleep, can treat acne and can be used for complexion treatments.

Vanilla oil : nourishes and conditions beard, improves thickness of beard, stimulates hair growth and hydrates skin and hair.

The Power of the Magic

Lets cover the feel and scent in this section diving straight into the scent when you pop the lid off the bottle there is hardly any scent. Once you pump a few drops into your hands you're definitely blasted by the wand with an overshot of sandalwood. I don't mean an overshot in a bad way but it did over power the vanilla to the point where I could barely smell it when applied to the beard the sandalwood remained in power. This is where the magic became unexplainable the longevity of this scent varied in my personal experience lasting from 5-10 hours day by day. The wizard claiming he had a review from a consumer saying they managed 24 hour scent longevity and the wizard himself getting 17 hours.

Okay the feel from this oil was hit and miss some days I felt my beard was dry and very quickly other days I could surprise myself with how soft my beard felt. Feeling soft and smooth most of the time I would say dryness kicked in around the 6-8 hour mark. The hydration of the beard could be better.

The ingredients are factory made or what the beard community calls "white label", where the owner of the beard company does not make the product themselves. This is not a topic I like to discuss or cover but one as a serious reviewer I eventually had to address at some point. As a reviewer I'm here to give as much detail as possible and keep it honest about the company I review. To get an outside perspective I asked my Fiancée would she be bothered about a home made beard oil or a factory made oil and this was her reply. " As long as the ingredients used are ethically obtained with regards to sustainable harvesting, no slave labour and cruelty free with the product doing what it is advertised to do how the product is made to me wouldn't be a big deal. Although I would still prefer to know it was home made rather than factory made because I like to know the love, thought and care has gone into the product".

Future spells

I would love to see the wizard go down the home made route attempting to bring out a whole new line of products made from cold pressed golden jojoba oil and all that stuff. With a heavy spiced scent called dragon magic maybe. He's pretty much conquered the world he has made for his company right now but I'd love to see non factory made line of products bringing him out of his comfort zone and release a beard cleanser as well. I would love to see more carrier oils added too.

From the Ashes of the FireBeard

In conclusion I do believe it is a good product and definitely worth using as it does what a beard product is suppose to do. I will admit there are products out there that do it better though but we all have personal preferences when it comes to the beard companies we chose to use. Customer service, appearance, social media presence, ingredients and scents available. At £16.99 for 30ml it is a bit more expensive then your average beard company price and for only two carrier oils in the mix would you pay it ? If you're one for scent and its longevity I do recommend. I will be coming back to beard wizardry at some point to try out their beard butter.

Stay safe Stay fire

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