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And here we go my comeback review since September last year and this time it's to do with Fabio and his company By Odins Beard Crafts. Their new beard soap Fafnir is absolutely incredible, but I'll get into that later.

I'm sorry for my absence from the bearded community and reviewing products, I must admit my enthusiasm had depleted for all things bearded, but it all came at a wrong time in my life. Beards had to take the back bench whilst I got my life back in order, new girlfriend, new home, new environment and new situational circumstances. It's been a real learning curve with some stressful moments, but all in all I've got a better life and I think all parties involved could agree on the fact that their lives are better off. A new-found level of love has been achieved in my personal life with everything firing on all cylinders, I've never been happier in my entire life. Now that I have a new partner whose support and enthusiasm for my passion of all things bearded is relentless, she's pushed me to start things up again, which I'm very much thankful for because as I write this I've remembered how much I love trying to be creative when writing reviews. (plus she's going to read it first and suggest on how to improve it, so I thought I better had given her a mention haha).

Now you know roughly where I've been and what I've been doing, let's get this review started.


Fafnir is a dwarf made dragon used to guard a treasure, but now Fabio has remade Fafnir to guard your beard because your beard is your treasure and what better way to guard it by running the smouldering fire of a dragon through it when you wash it. Unless you have a friend called Sigurd you guys will be fine with this soap, trust me. I've been testing this soap since summer last year, but Fabio has made improvements since then, particularly in the making of the soap, which is designed to keep all the benefits of ingredients locked in the soap. There is no melt and pour formula in the process of this soap instead water and Caustic Soda Lye are used to create a reaction known as saponification, this bonds all the ingredients together and after this process is done a chemical called Sodium Hydroxide disappears. This leaves all the organic and natural ingredients present in the soap. This allows the soap to thoroughly clean the beard and skin of all impurities and dirt, but at the same time it hydrates both intensely. Because this soap is made by a cold process compared to the standard melt and pour commercial soaps (which is a hot process) please keep in mind that it is a more delicate soap and long over exposed periods to humidity will reduce its life span. The cold processing also makes the soap longer to make and set, but locks in more of the organic, natural benefits.

The Ingredients are as follows:

  • water

  • caustic soda lye (water and CSL are used for the saponification reaction)

  • organic olive oil

  • organic coconut oil

  • organic avocado oil

  • organic shea butter

  • organic castor oil

  • organic honey

  • organic oats

  • organic activated charcoal powder

  • cedarwood

  • sandalwood

  • vetiver

  • tea tree

  • smokey fragrance


The scent profile on this soap is insane, I can't get over it, I actually think I might have annoyed Fabio with how much I have spoken to him about it haha. I'm definitely gunning for a Fafnir beard butter special event from him, come on mate it's only right haha! No, but seriously the scents really compliment each other so well with the theme of the soap itself, it leaves like a smouldering, lingering, gentle, smokey aftershave smell in your beard. The cedarwood, vetiver and smokey fragrance stand out and in the background almost like the beginning of a dragon generating flames in his mouth is the sandalwood, it's subtle, but it's there. I don't get much of the tea tree, but if I am honest I'm glad there are certain scents I can't stand at the moment and tea tree is one of them. Keep in mind though different people have different tastes and scents, we also have different noses many of my family and friends have smelt my beard product collection and smelt different scents compared to what I have. The scent longevity is round about 4 hours for me but right now I support a full beard short and styled whereas in a long wild untamed beard you might get 6 scentastic hours out of it.


The design of the soap just puts it in it's own league altogether with it's dragon scales rigid texture and a dragon's eye carved into the soap proving that Fafnir is always guarding your beard. After 4 or more washes the design fades away, this is because the soap really lathers up nicely. At first, I would put the soap in my hand and then into my beard, but now I'm running this sexy beast through my beard and then rubbing my beard to make sure the soap thoroughly cleanses my skin and beard. Not to make the review rated 18 only, but the Mrs has even rubbed it into the forest growing on my chest creating a rich, lathering, creamy, soapy chest hair and a longer lasting scent from the soap. Basically she is a short arse, and it is easier for her to sniff my chest than my beard haha. After I've gently dried my beard it feels fantastic like a whole new beard, it turns my beard hair from brissley and sharp to gentle and soft. The skin feels like it is hydrated and able to breath, and when I run my fingers through the beard, they glide softly through it. In a weird way my beard also looks calm and soothed, if that makes sense, no? Normally my beard looks wild and feels like wire, but after using this soap you could say it is laid to ashes, tamed by the flame of Fafnir. What I mean by this is, it looks like it's groomed in a certain order and is well rested, becoming revitalized ready to rise like a phoenix. Maybe that is where phoenix's come from, the residue of a dragon's fierce flame.


Of course as always this beard product is CPSR approved. The CPSR process is done to make sure that the cosmetic product is safe for your hair and skin, this ensures that all ingredients will not harm you. this is to also ensure that all essential or fragrance oils are diluted to a safe strength which won't burn your face off, I'm not kidding. But maybe that is the missing thing from this soap. A true dragon burns you to ash, haha! I'm joking, of course.


In conclusion, Fafnir beard soap is the gold that needs to be guarded, it is the best beard soap around on the UK market. Your beard generally needs a PH level of 7, this soap sits at a level of 8. I find soaps to be friendlier to the beard instead of beard washes, this is because mainly PH levels are higher in beard washes. The design, the scent, the feel and the making process of this soap has been carefully and perfectly thought out. The dragon scaled texture around Fafnir's eye carved into the soap represents Fafnirs ever watchful vision in protecting your beard, which is your treasure. The scent is the smoke and ashes left by the dragon's fiery breath and the feel of your treasure (no sexual pun intended) represents the aftermath of the fire where everything is calm and dark, leading the way for new things to grow.

The soap is priced at £9.99 which is due to the passionate manual labour that Fabio puts into his product within the 8-week cold processing timescale, it is a huge bargain. I've been using a fresh bar of Fafnir since my birthday 22nd January and the bar is still going, so over a month down the line the fire is still burning inside this dragon. save yourself 10% by clicking the link here and getting your Fafnir beard soap today.

Cheers guys, stay safe, stay fire and stay bearded.

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