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Before you read this review I think you should do a few things first put on a shirt, pants and a tie, unbox your finest cigar and make yourself a rum old fashioned, sit down in your office surrounded by old leather bound books in your leather high back comfy but classy chair. Place that drink on a wicca coaster on top of the dark solid oak table and lets begin.

Beard Manners

By now anyone who is anyone consumer, collector, reviewer, beard product company owner will know who beard manners are and their owner Jason but if you don't lets flip a page in one of those books to the beginning of the journey.

Jason, an Essex lad, looks like he would rip your head off like a big grizzly bear but in fact he's a big friendly giant of a man with his family at heart. He has said to me at one point in messaging each other "I may look like a Viking but I'm quite the gentleman." He is also a successful business man with that business he had the means to go on and create his own product. Being the intelligent and sophisticated man he is, his home made products have hit the UK beard market by storm ( funny that as I am typing there is a storm going on ) and his quote to me is "the key is in the blending". The company was born from sad times and I am not one to repeat sad history as I will cry again; so I will leave it there or the waterfall from my eyes will put out the flames of my beard.

Excuse me where are your CPSR ( manners )

*SLAP* don't you forget your CPSR approval because the big man hasn't, he's a successful business man and successful business men cover themselves left right and centre plus he wouldn't be in the UK Beard Portal if he hadn't, with this in mind and many other reviewers testing his products there was no need to ask for proof. You absolutely need CPSR approval for your products don't skimp out on it, potentially it could save you money in the long run as well as your reputation.

Would you care for a rum old fashioned sir ?

Here we go, screw the top off that expensive spirit grab a few ice cubes and pour it over them in the glass, it is time to do business with Good Manners. This review is my first beard butter review so go easy on me plus there is a twist to this review I've not seen reviewers do this so hopefully it doesn't flop haha!

The container is a 60ml glass rounded brown jar with a black plastic screw top that I must admit I played with before trying the butter for longer than I'm proud of because I liked the feel and sound it made against the glass. Simple minds enjoy simple things. His labels are 99% on point with CPSR regulations but the one subject he is missing from his labels is the ingredients being listed in their Latin names. This is needed because the Latin names of ingredients stay the same around the world where as the common names for them in English or Japanese can change and be called something completely different.

The scent consists of sweet orange, rum and a spice that I couldn't place my nose on and apparently I was the first reviewer to ask all the others got it ( hey listen here, I don't deal with the type of food that was used often so pack it in with the banter I am going to get hahaha ). Okay, so Jason actually only uses 2 scent oils in this product even though there are 3 scents and the way he's done this is incredibly smart, he's actually used one of the carrier oils scent to create the spice... Avocado oil. When you pop the lid the sweet juices of the orange burst through the gaps and rush into your nostrils but then it is crashed into with the rum for a moment and ploughed into by the avocado spice. ( I still love that little trick )

The longevity of the scent was impressive to me on average I got a 6 hour duration from the butter scent and even on day 2 of testing the product after near enough a full day in the hot tub with the blazing sun bearing down on my beard my Mrs could still notice just enough of the scent when she was close up to me... giggity!! At first the sweet orange was all I noticed with the avocado just underlining the orange but after a few days the orange died off and the spiced rum takes over with the undertone of orange.

The feel this butter gives your beard is like running your hand down the smooth curves of an expensive tall glass bottle of rum so smooth it glides as you idolise the sensuality and sexually desire a sip of the liquid inside. Instead with a beard you just want your woman or man ( I don't judge ) to run their fingers through the beard like when you put a marshmallow on a stick into a chocolate fountain. Honestly though I got a good 10 hours of fantastic beard feel from this beard butter even though it didn't absorb as fast as other butters I have tried before but then again that could be the reason why the feel of the beard lasts for so long.

With a twist on the flames

About half way through testing this product I changed the style of my beard which also means it's length, I've gone for a more tidy, neater and shorter beard that in truth suits me better as it has knocked 10 years off my facial appearance. The results of testing the product were so different though and I just had to share it. So I noticed that with a shorter beard the scent didn't last 6 hours but more like 4 hours tops which makes sense for obvious reasons, less hair. When I trimmed it all back my beard was itchy straight away and after putting the butter in it very quickly removed the irritation. My skin looks more moisturised than it used to do, leaving it softer and smooth to touch as well as my beard hairs feeling the same way.


There is a reason why Jason and Beard Manners have took off like a rocket and cemented themselves in the beard community and that is because both products and customer service are of sheer class and the best quality. With a carrier blend of Shea butter, sweet almond oil, argan oil, avocado oil, castor oil, grapeseed oil and jojoba oil for the cost of £16.99 for 60ml of pure class and quality I would say this is definitely worth the price as I was only using small amounts of the butter which goes a long way. With fast delivery and a large range of scents with both oils and butters, merch and now grooming kits such as combs and brushes Beard Manners are soaring their way into top place of the beard company market.

This soft and creamy poured butter hold its own in the beard butter wars and I highly recommend adding this to your collection giving your beard some manners.

Stay Safe and Stay Fire !

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