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The owner of Hobo Head the master behind the product is Brian. I've been talking with Brian around about the time he brought out his new scents and developed his new formula, I haven't tried the first formula but it doesn't matter I'm in love with this one. Being around in the beard community for a while now most of you will know of his background history from reviewers likes Docks Bearded Reviews and Rusty Reviews so I wont jump into it. I'm an emotional guy and can't take it to be honest. Brian kindly sent me his Lorn scent with my Redemption scent so lets dive in to the review and show you the Hobo Head way.


Upon receiving that beautiful beard mail package we all love to grope when its delivered I immediately opened it and it was cardboard box. Now to someone just buying the product for a scent you wouldn't be very impressed by the packaging but if you remember that Hobo Head is basically designed around homelessness and mental health you'd quickly think oh wow how clever it keeps within the theme. There's nothing fancy about it at all but that's the same for homeless life. Opening it up and there carboard shreddings to keep the bottles safe along with a packet of sweets that got inhaled and 3 stickers. On the reverse side of the lid was a note from Brian, a very kind message which is always a nice touch from small batch beard company owners.

The bottle... glug glug glug.

The bottle is a simple brown see through glass bottle with a plain black pipette, the Lorn bottle had a silver screw on cap. To me when I first heard of Hobo Head I thought that's how the product came with a stopper inside that you would have to shake to get drops out of. I must admit seeing the pipette was a tiny bit disappointing but at the same time who wants to stand there basically looking like you're having alone time with a bottle to get drops of oil out haha

The rim of the label changes colour depending on the scent with Redemption it was brown and with Lorn it was orange. The company logo sits clearly at the front of the bottle with the company name on either side of it with the scent name underneath. The label information contains everything you need to know including carrier, essential and fragrance oils the fact that its also recyclable, cruelty free and that they are on Instagram and Facebook. There's also the website address next to Brian's email address right next to the batch number information so if you have any problems Brian can possibly identify why. There is good directions of use and detailed safety information too just above the product measurement i.e. 30ml. The only thing that is not on there is company address which does not bother me personally because most small batch beard companies cook their products from their homes where their families live.

Time to be saved.

Here is your Redemption and may it save you from the sin of having dry and grizzly hair so coarse you could shave the paint off your car. When I opened the bottle I could hardly smell anything that's not off putting to me I know it can all change within the hair and with a bit of heat. Applying the oil to my beard there was strong scents of the lemon and sweet orange essential oils these juicy citrus fruits burst powerfully but dissipate quickly allowing the woodsy scent of cedarwood to grow around the fruit slowly. After a few days the fruits learnt to hang back on the tree and the cedarwood took root but I was still having the same problem, scent longevity. I was only managing to get 4 hours out of Redemption scent wise which truthfully wasn't a problem to me because I don't go places for it to be smelt by anyone that often, gamer life level 3000.

Feeling Abandoned.

I wondered if scent longevity was a problem with all scents so half way through my testing of the oils I switched to Lorn. It was sitting on the shelf staring at me all alone with its sweet orange essential oil and its coconut fragrance oil I couldn't leave it out, checking it had the same carrier oils which I'll get to further on down the line I seen no reason not to give it a go.

Opening the bottle you get a strong smell of coconut mixed with sweet orange and on application to the beard it stayed just as strong. You might as well of been hit on the head by a coconut and upon impact the coconut splits and instead of coconut milk its orange juice. Admittingly this became one of those scents I got addicted to putting it on twice a day morning and before bed, I'll explain why at night in a sec. The longevity of Lorn lasted 5-6 hours and this is due to the fragrance oil of coconut and the one less scent within the formula.

Out of the two scents Lorn definitely took it for me such a simple but amazing mix of smells.

Carrier Time.

This mixture of 5 carrier oils did wonders for my beard, sweet almond oil, macadamia oil, jojoba oil, camellia oil and argan oil. The oil has a slight yellow tint to it and has a low to slightly medium viscosity to it its absorption rate was fast it left my beard feeling very smooth and conditioned I was quite surprised at how soft it felt I don't think I had ever felt my beard like it before I couldn't get over it, I was running my fingers through my beard quite a lot. After a bit more research I realised the smoothness of my beard came from the macadamia oil which I don't think I've had the pleasure of trying in a beard product before that I can remember. It also has a calming effect on hair which would explain why my beard would look amazing in the sense it was well groomed when I woke up in the morning and on top of that adds a shine to your beard hair. I also hadn't tried camellia oil before it is also known as the rose of winter ( quickly becoming my favourite carrier oil I love winter ) it moisturises hair, prevents beardruff, repairs damaged hair and sooths inflammation. Definitely an uncommon power house in the UK beard market I would like to see this Japanese delight used more combined with the macadamia oil it is a better tag team than The Undertaker and Kane.

This feeling lasted for quite some time roughly 10-12 hours before I started to feel some dryness to my beard, I'm even stroking my beard right now as I type this review. I think Brian's formula is genius and is a big winner in the world of beard oils.

What would I like to see.

A beard butter poured and hard set without a doubt to represent the cold winter nights homeless people endure and survive keeping within the theme of Hobo Head. Also I would like to see the scent longevity to last 6 hours minimum but I'm not a master chef.

Time to turn down the heat.

In conclusion this is a great product I always look for products with better carrier oils rather than the scent and Hobo Head is a sure winner here with a wide array of scents available to chose from it really makes me want to break the bank for the whole collection. At £11.99 for 30ml bottle the way this oil makes your beard feel is a unarguable undebatable bargain. If Brian can get that scent longevity up by an hour or more you'd have an absolute boss of the UK beard market. The only way is up for Hobo Head.

Stay safe Stay fire.


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