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I've took a little break from reviewing not because I needed to but because I like my free time to wear what product I want to, today we will diving deep into papa tweeds beard company and in the next 5-6 weeks I will be bringing you reviews from Beard Manners, Face fur, The Bald Viking, Sugar Beard and Odins Beard Care. Before we start the review I would like to take the chance to apologise to you all on making a few mistakes with my past reviews, the last review I did was for The Bearded Viking and I forgot to mention that they are CPSR approved. I am still learning and still trying to perfect my review system what I mean by that is how I want to display my reviews to you.


Papa Tweeds Beard company was created by Mark, his products are hand made with the soul purpose of bringing you beautifully scented and well nourishing products for your beard and skin that are packed with natural ingredients. As well as doing beard products Papa Tweeds also do skin care products and homewares like wax melts he aims towards male self care. On the website in the about us section it is noted saying "Our products are cruelty free, free from parabens, environmentally friendly and lightly scented in our delicious fragrances". He started the beard products in lockdown when he was down on his luck to put it lightly, it gave him a sense of purpose and thoroughly enjoyed making the oils. He also loved the small batch community not realising how many kind and amazing people he'd meet along the way and makes the products purely for the love of it.

I've been talking to Mark now since 2020 mid summer the first product I bought was his apple and pine scented beard oil, I was not a fan of the scent but since then I have tested products and scents for Mark and his new carrier base since that first product I tried has improved and it's a joy to see a small batch beard company owner learn and grow keeping up the enthusiasm which is why I love helping him out when and where I can. The feel of this oil in the beard and the nourishment it gives is sensational I'm putting it up there with the best in terms of feel. If we talk about scent longevity there is room for improvement but with CPSR rules as strict as they are it is very hard to obtain that longevity. The website does say as well lightly scented, with me being a feel of beard guy the longevity issue isn't any bother for me. If you are a guy who loves beasting it out at the gym or slugging it out in a warehouse, working outdoors in the elements I would recommend another product in terms of scent longevity. But if you are a man of style, taste, sophistication, nights of light hearted conversation and laughs at the bar this product is for you....... as is this scent.

Gentleman's Old Fashioned

This scent has leaked its way into my heart for two reasons not only is it an amazing rich, sweet and seductive scent of Cherry, oak and tobacco but the tobacco to me smells like my grandads old pipe tobacco so I would spend most of my time sniffing the bottle, sniffing my hands and sniffing my top lip for this scent. But lets drop back a bit as this isn't my first time with this scent so I'll describe to you guys what it was like when I unscrewed that top.

I had never tried a cherry scented product before and when I took the top off of this sexy product and gently stuck my nose on the rim of the bottle I took a long but gentle whiff breathing in the seductive juices of the cherry that overwhelmed my senses and took control of my mind. For days I couldn't smell any other scent and then the subtle touch of the tobacco grabbed my attention turning my head away from the cherry with its smokey hand. Towards the end of trying the scent the oak fell down in the forest allowing me to walk over and sit on it and ponder about life with its warm scent in my nose fuelling the deep thought.

The scent lasted 4-5 hours in the beard oil the cherry is the first thing you notice or at least it was for me, because I'm used to it by now the cherry scent doesn't last as long or maybe its my mind and nose wanting that oak and tobacco scent, who knows but it is like throwing a cherry against the wall and watching the splatter ... quick. The tobacco hit me next and the more I smelt it the closer it reminded me of my grandads pipe tobacco (yes I got emotional lol) my grandad died in 2010 so a childhood memory that I truly didn't expect to have was a heart warming welcome to me. The oak rapidly meets the tobacco though and gives it a warm pleasing smell with the cherry dropping down now and again.

Papa's Touch

This is the section I am excited for because the nourishment this carrier blend gives your beard and skin is one of the best. Lets take a look at the carrier oils :

  • Sunflower oil - helps prevent hair breakage and is rich in omega oils and vitamins A,B,C and E which all help keep the hair soft and moisturised.

  • Fractionated coconut oil - helps stimulate hair growth, it sinks directly into the skin with its low weight and molecular structure and helps fight against inflammation and beardruff.

  • Grape seed oil - provides moisture and natural cleansing agent, removes excess sebaceous oils that clog pores and slow the rate of beard growth, stimulates blood circulation and conditions the beard.

  • Almond oil - also a light weight oil helping it sink into the skin and beard hair, it helps increase beard growth with its high levels of magnesium, biotin and vitamin E it also helps fight against inflammation.

  • Argan oil - contains omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, helps moisturise the skin and hair it is also a non greasy oil but its main weapon is that it helps regulate sebum levels.

  • Jojoba oil - a liquid form of wax it contains vitamin E and B. It also helps against sebum oil which is a natural oil in our skin which help prevent your skin from being too oily.

  • Vitamin E oil - moisturises skin and contains antioxidating properties which fight inflammation, it is also linked with skin cancer prevention, sunburn treatment and eczema treatment.

With a few of these oils being absolute power houses in how they make your beard feel I think it is safe to say Mark has carefully chosen which oils he wanted and in my opinion from the 8 days of reviewing the oil he has mastered the blend. My beard easily got 10 hours of nourishment, softness and smoothness with next to nothing residue it was like stroking a silky water fall of bearded flames haha. Because of the light oils used it absorbs very quick into the beard and skin and the oil itself is a some what light viscosity with a very pale yellow colour to it. Dryness in my beard didn't really set in until after the 12 hour mark but a quick brush through of the beard and it felt good again.


Papa Tweeds are a CPSR approved beard oil company and Mark does worry about the quality of his products whilst trying to maintain a product suitable for the image of his company he is always looking for ways to improve. However the label design is meant to be simplistic and instead of having all the details on the label PapaTweeds have gone the route of a business card containing most of the required CPSR requirements but still needs the Latin names of the ingredients. This is needed because the common names of the ingredients can change from language to language but the Latin names of the ingredients are the same across the world. The label containing only company name, logo, scent name and a catch phrase that changes on each scent the two I have say lets get it on and you're really growing on me or am I growing on you. The bottom of the brown glass bottle does a 30ml product contents detail on it however it is required to have this on the label. The logo is in white with details etched in black and is the body of a rattle snake but the head transforms into a hand doing the rock n roll gesture with a lightning bolt that looks to also be on fire come out of the two middle fingers that are curled inwards to the palm. You could also say its how spiderman shoots his web. The label is all black with the writing in white except for the writing that tells you the scent name which changes colour depending on the scent you buy.

This could just be the beard oil logo however because the website does have a different logo of a whiskey glass half full with whiskey on ice above are the words in block white capital letters PAPA TWEED'S arched upwards and below the glass in the same style is BEARD CO. If you ask me what logo I prefer it would be the rattle snake one it really stands out and has had a few compliments given to it by other beard company owners.


I truly believe this new carrier blend is something Mark should be proud of, my beard has been feeling gorgeous and irresistible for the past 8 days now and its hard to move on to the next product to review because I don't want to leave the comfort of this oil. The scent in its own right is another solid reason to buy this product and if you are a person who doesn't want to assaulted up the nose all day then crack on to the website. At £9.95 for a 30ml bottle pipette applicator with a child safety top I would say calling him Papa is a well deserved name haha I am skipping the whole what would I would love to see section because Mark knows what I want to see next. Like I've said before Mark is another fantastic small batch beard company owner who takes on board constructive criticism like a pro and goes off to work on it. Other beard company owners say that customer service skills are a large part of why consumers come back to buy more products from them and Papatweeds fall in to that category. I would recommend consumers and reviewers to give Papatweeds a go selling beard balm, oil and merch with 7 scents to chose from. Followed by the UK Beard Portal could Mark take his company to the next level ? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON DRAGON BALL Z !!!

With that in mind what do you guys think of Papatweeds let me know on my Instagram post.

Stay Safe Stay Fire

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