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Welcome to another blog from a broken, confused and indecisive mind when dealing with the responsibilities of life. That is exactly what we are going to talk about in this blog right now, dealing with paying bills, rent, food shop, travel expenses, luxury items and necessities, dealing with a full time job, a house to run and maintain, kids to protect, nurture and teach. There are only 24 hours in a day and we sleep for at least 6 of these and spend at least another 6 hours at our jobs, we then have hobbies and interests we all like to do on top of all that. Going to the gym, gaming, eating out restaurants, dog walking, dance classes and self defence classes. You can see why a lot of people crumble and become mentally ill, become unhealthy physically or even try and escape all of this through tv shows, films and gaming. I definitely fall into the escape section of that list I've imagined my self as a number of many characters from across many genres of fantasy, Batman, James Bond, Jon Connor from terminator, Jon Snow, a Viking, Geralt of Rivia, Uhtred, Commander Shephard, a pirate and even a Jacobite. I am probably missing a few there as well.

To me it has always seemed some what impossible and soul destroying to go to work and still manage to do everything you want to do to make you feel like you are still you without sacrificing your health to the demands of life. I have worked many jobs, Skip yard operative, furniture removal, warehouse operative, production operative, security control room operator, replenishment assistant and even a qualified personal trainer. Warehousing is the main job I enjoy but the longest job I had was in retail and it took me by surprise because I said when I was younger I'd never work in retail but it was a good and fun job with its pros and cons just like anything.

My favourite eras of history have to be Viking and Piracy eras Norse men coming ashore on our tiny island and ransacking villages, conquering town after town, city after city, holding strong holds, raiding for gold and glory. Worshipping so many Gods but not praying to them Norse mythology is a thing of beauty in my mind a spirit of freedom without offending Christians I just couldn't follow Christianity too many restrictions. The Piracy era was a nation of outlaws and thieves standing up against the empire of red coats her majesties royal navy and their global dominance. Their strict rules and taxation laws were ridiculous, a man or pirate lived by a code and not laws you were free to be whoever and do what ever you chose. Plus living on the island of Nassau ? Yes please !!!

John why don't you just get on with it there are literally billions who feel the same way. I realise this I really do and I am not saying I don't get on with it. When I do have any job I excel at it very quickly but then I get bored quickly. This has always been my problem with any job I've ever had, in some cases it's bosses talking to me like I am in high school, it has been health problems or the company went bust. But you're talking to a guy who's dream job is to be an actor haha well truth be told it is to be the captain of the star ship enterprise but we don't have that technology or capability yet. Regardless, any job I have ever had I've always thrived for job satisfaction where I work as hard as I can and at the end of each day I am able to be proud of myself and the achievements I've made. Lugging heavy boxes off a container sweating in the heat and sun knowing you've knocked out 600 boxes all weighing 30kg gives you that satisfaction.

Gaming is one of my biggest escapes and although it is a harmless pass time to be slightly addictive to you can fall into the pit of gaming either through a extremely captivating solo story game or to the other end of the extreme online multiplayer. It is so bad that the NHS has now recognised this as a health problem that can be fully diagnosed and now has people trained to deal with it. I am not at this level I do all my house chores, spend time with the Mrs and the kids, I go out to places and look after myself but many people are at this level and it's to see why given the immense pressure of life.

But don't worry about me guys I am getting on with it, applying for jobs whilst I have something in the pipeline already. I get up every day and lead a productive day. I've worked 9-5 walked up hill for 30 minutes home, got the dogs on the lead walked them for 30 minutes and then come home to put dinner on, spent time with the kids and then washed the dishes and tidied up the livingroom when the Mrs takes the kids to bed. I am mentally and physically capable of leading this life but others aren't as strong as me or you, we have to support these people and don't force the toxic masculinity on to others.

Any way lets call it a day there and bare in mind I wrote this whilst listening to Viking music on youtube.....

Stay Safe Stay Fire !

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