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What are YOU doing with your LIFE

The age old question of " hey what do you want to do with your life " from your parents was a daunting one to me when I was younger and it made me feel so small. It was often asked by my dad, I cant really remember my mum asking me that question at all, I remember my dad saying something like 'all of my friends kids are off doing stuff what are you wanting to do'. It got to me some times I had tried a few thing back then but I was easily led by people or an atmosphere for example when you feel amazing on a night out with your mates and you don't want to ever miss out on another experience like that again.

I'm 32 now getting closer to 33 and I still have no idea what I want to do with my life but with two kids and a wedding to pay for I am forcing myself into something that will set me up for life with a career, qualifications, adventure, skills and financial stability allowing me to properly help provide for my house hold. There is down sides to anything you do in life but we just have to accept these negativities, conquer them and move on.

I often wonder why it has taken me so long to get into a situation of commitment to a job or career and the answers have to be the following :

  1. Confidence, my confidence was proper knocked by a lot of people growing up and those thoughts and doubts had time to mutate, grow and breed.

  2. Pride, I have always been too proud to stand there and take a yelling beating and not keep my mouth shut. When ever a boss would shout at me I would yell back.

  3. Anger, I am quick to temper and once it is set it steers the way in my decision making.

  4. Patience, I hate doing the same thing over and over again. I am a quick learner and master things rapidly, I always feel like I can do more in the deep end and come out on top.

I've rarely seen someone get their lives together before 25 but even then other aspects of their lives aren't in the best shape. Career life, love life, social life, family life and health life only a few unique people will have all of these in order and lined up properly a great example would be Dwayne Johnson. I see a lot of friends finally getting somewhere when they hit 30 and/or over, if you actually refer to television shows as well like Friends characters like Rachel, Joey and Monica excel in their careers when they're past 30.

The message I'm trying to send is be patient, the only persons opinion that matters is yours real friends won't judge you, good parents won't pressure you and great partners will trust you to do your best and send you a job posting now and again to help. Your kids will always idolise and love you no matter what you are not letting them down in any way shape or form. Don't compare yourself to your friends success either or the fact that they look happy nobody knows what happens inside someone's head or behind closed doors. Time will throw many options your way so in the mean time focus on other things, health, hobbies and social life one day you may not have the time for these things.

Cheers everyone stay safe stay fire

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